Counsellor Supervision

New Supervision Group opening Feb, 2018 in Annandale and Via Skype. Please email Amanda to express your interest or to find out more information. 

“Amanda is a wonderful teacher and mentor. Her personality is professional, relatable and friendly. She is a wonderful therapist and I always come away from supervision with her feeling reassured and equipped for the challenges of work and life. 
Amanda’s best quality is her insightfulness. She can make you aware of thoughts and narratives that you had not explored. Necessary for a patient and a professional. 
I highly recommend Amanda”.

Chantelle, – Vic, Australia (2017)

Amanda is a registered Supervisor with The Australian Counselling Association.

When a counsellor or a counselling or social work student is ‘working under supervision’, it means they are using the services of another more experienced counsellor to review their practice with clients. Supervision is used to grow a counsellor both ethically, professionally and personally.

As an experienced and qualified therapist, Amanda offers supervision to new counsellors and counselling students to help resolve any challenges, anxieties or concerns they may be having in their own counselling practice. Supervision is vital in avoiding burnout in what can be a very emotionally draining job. It’s also a place to disclose any personal triggers, transference and debrief counselling practice and sessions. It’s well-known and accepted that supervision is one of the most important parts in developing an ethical, successful and competent counsellor. Through compassionate and effective supervision, new counsellors are able to develop a sense of their professional identity and gain an objective, in-depth look at their counselling practices.New Monthly

Supervision is necessary for 3 main reasons:

  1. To protect the client
  2. To improve the skills of the counsellor
  3. To monitor the well-being and self-care of the counsellor

In order to be the best possible counsellor you can be, it’s important that you are aware of your own values, beliefs and biases. In this way, you can greatly decrease the possibility of negatively impacting your counsellor / client relationships. Like all professionals, counsellors need to be continually learning new skills and developing their psychotherapeutic techniques, strategies and models. This ensures all of their clients receive the best treatment and care possible.

Working with a supervisor helps counsellors gain an objective insight into their performance and skills as a counsellor. It enables them to grow, learn new skills and find better ways to help their clients. It’s important to remember that counsellors are constantly challenged ethically and emotionally. It also ensures ethical standards are preserved, as well as safeguarding their own mental well-being. Counselling can be a highly stressful profession, and a supervisor can help put strategies in to place to avoid the common ‘burnout’.

Send Amanda an email today to book a session or enquire about how she might be able to help.

New Monthly Group Supervision group commencing, January, 2018. Please visit here for more details: