How do I know I need Counselling?

One of the biggest hurdles about asking for help, is actually knowing we have the right and the choice to do so. One of the many statements I hear in my counselling room from clients sounds like “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but something doesn’t feel right.” 

This is a common experience shared by many. Accessing counselling or psychotherapy for the first time can feel overwhelming, anxiety provoking, and even for some, like they have failed.

What I always say to my clients in their very first session is “you have already started the process of change just by showing up today” even if they don’t know why they are feeling the way they do. It’s important to acknowledge the courage and motivation it can take to seek support, and taking this first step is the beginning of positive and meaningful change.

I also like to refer to counselling as ‘mental hygiene’. In a similar way we care for our personal hygiene by brushing and flossing our teeth, and our sleep hygiene by trying to get 8 hours a night, we also need to look after our mental hygiene. Sometimes all that takes is a place to pause, breathe, reflect and hear yourself say what it is you are needing to feel better.

At Joy Through Therapy, we aim to empower our clients from the very first session to feel good about taking control of their life and the changes they wish to make.

8 Signs You Should See a Therapist, published by the Huffington Post is a great reminder of ways in which we can find ourselves needing support.

If you are unsure is therapy is what you are needing or unfamiliar with the process, feel free to get in touch via our contacts page and ask what you need.

Be kind to yourself,


Rainbow Revolution in Sidewalk Chalk

A rainbow revolution called DIY Rainbow Crossings has gone global this last week all through the use of chalk, community and compassion.

The artistic movement began after the removal of a rainbow crossing on Sydney’s Oxford Street, which celebrated 35 years of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) Mardi Gras. In response to the council’s decision to wash the rainbow away, Sydney-sider James Brechney decided to recreate the rainbow by drawing one on the street in chalk. After a photo he posted on Facebook went viral, Sydney-siders hit the streets chalking up rainbows wherever they could only for fellow Australians in every town in every city to follow in his footsteps. Spreading the message, “Don’t get angry, get chalking” through the use of social media, rainbows are being drawn from remote country towns in outback Australia to the streets of Berlin, New York, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Vietnam and Kenya with more rainbows being painted worldwide daily.

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5 Common Emotional Journeys, And Expert Advice On How To Tackle Them

While we’re all unique, there are common emotional experiences that we share, experiences that are part and parcel of human existence. But when it’s a challenging emotional journey, how do you go about regaining a healthy equilibrium? And why are some personal journeys harder to handle than others?

 Below are five of the most common emotional journeys we may experience, and expert advice on how to get through them.
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