Rainbow Revolution in Sidewalk Chalk

A rainbow revolution called DIY Rainbow Crossings has gone global this last week all through the use of chalk, community and compassion.

The artistic movement began after the removal of a rainbow crossing on Sydney’s Oxford Street, which celebrated 35 years of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) Mardi Gras. In response to the council’s decision to wash the rainbow away, Sydney-sider James Brechney decided to recreate the rainbow by drawing one on the street in chalk. After a photo he posted on Facebook went viral, Sydney-siders hit the streets chalking up rainbows wherever they could only for fellow Australians in every town in every city to follow in his footsteps. Spreading the message, “Don’t get angry, get chalking” through the use of social media, rainbows are being drawn from remote country towns in outback Australia to the streets of Berlin, New York, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Vietnam and Kenya with more rainbows being painted worldwide daily.

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